Jimwat famous for his hit single ‘Under 18’ has been missing in action for some time now. 

His songs including Paulina and Under 18 enjoyed massive air play in the yester years and are still famous up to date.

But Jimwat didn’t seem to handle all the fame well and is said to have turned into a drug abuser and specifically the hard stuff. After getting completely hooked he tried to quit and even went to rehab but it was all in vain!

According to Uhondo 254, it’s now alleged that Jimwat has gone mad and is staying under his parent’s care in Kikuyu. The artist decided to seek refuge from his parents after his friends deserted him. Apparently he also went bankrupt as he tried to maintain his addiction after which none of his so called friends wanted to be associated with him.

With recent reports indicating that some Kenyan and even East African artistes have turned to drug abuse, I wonder how many more of such saddening stories we’ll get to hear.

by Mary Mahinda