Best Marketable Degree & Diploma Courses To Study in Kenya 2017

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Best Marketable Degree & Diploma Courses To Study in Kenya 2017

After secondary school, the Kenyan education system requires students to proceed to college and further their education. In most high schools, students are provided with application forms just before their KCSE, a period during which most are quite optimistic and hopeful of the future ahead. It is in this mood that most students end up selecting courses they know very little of, leaving out the most marketable courses in Kenyan universities.

It is important that during this period the students are given guidance, but just in case you missed that, or would like more insight on what could be best for you, then you are the right place. Here are the best degree courses in Kenya.

Journalism and Mass Communication

Mass communication remains the competitive degree course in Kenya, as well as the most dynamic and fast changing field. The media is evolving quite fast, and more people are seeking out the services of professionals in this field. Although it is probably the most crowded of all fields, the competition remains quite fair, as your talent and hard work determines how far you get in this career path. The rise of social media as a medium of passing information has widened even more the opportunities available in this field. A freelancer with great writing and social media skills is guaranteed to pocket a minimum of ksh.40,000 a month, and a little more work put in  in grabbing opportunities, one can pocket upto sh.500,000 a month. The secret of this career path lies with being open minded, open to new opportunities, and consistently horning your skills to stay at the top of your game. A fresh graduate with required skills would earn a minimum of sh.70,000 at a media house.


This could be one of the hardest courses in Kenya, requiring consistent focus and stamina in order to complete the degree course. Medicine, however, remains by far the most marketable course in Africa, as there’s always shortage of doctors somewhere.  A career along this path guarantees the candidate of a job, and a well-paying one at that. An intern at a local government hospital earns a minimum of sh. 40,000, with a medical officer earning a minimum of sh. 70, 000 a month. The best part about following this career path is that it is not overcrowded, there is lack, and where there’s lack, there is an opportunity.

Web Design and Graphic Design

The world has moved onto social media that you should know by now. Every company, every business entity, every person is striving to have Internet presence. The internet is  now where people meet, transact business, exchange ideas, expand their social network. Having skills in creating and designing websites is big business. Not just in Kenya, but across the world. Most web designers in Kenya charge a minimum of sh.40, 000 to design a website, and sh.1000 hosting fees, and continuous charges for maintenance of the website. Graphic design follows suit, as companies continue engaging professional designers in making them business cards, brand designs, marketing accessories, etc. A professional graphic/web designer pockets a minimum of sh. 80, 000 a month. This could always go even further up, depending on your skills and determination. This course remains the best paying course in Kenya, even at diploma level.

Electrical and Civil Engineering

This career path is far from going out of market. Electrical and civil engineering is still considered the most marketable course in Kenya, and largely across the world. Engineers are still needed as much, or even more, than they were years ago. Practically every other career field needs engineers, from the aerospace to automotive, to telecoms, to the media industry, you name it. An engineer intern earns a minimum of sh. 80,000 a month, with the highest in the frank pocketing a gross minimum of sh.650, 000 a month. Now we clearly see why our parents insisted so much on us becoming engineers!

Information Technology (IT)

There’s a university in Kenya that provides IT alongside every other course you choose to undertake, but those that choose to solely major in this course have a good advantage. ICT as a field continues to expand, and more professional are required to take up the opportunities that are flooding the job market. Opportunities for IT graduates include software engineering and programming, multimedia development and system analysis among other roles. IT graduates earn a minimum of sh.70, 000 a month, depending on the company one gets to work for. Some companies pay fresh graduates with required skills as much as sh. 100, 000.

The secret to bagging a lucrative career is to watch market trends. People’s needs are constantly changing, and soon enough careers that were considered very lucrative in the past will be insignificant. Banks nowadays need fewer employees as most services have been made easily available on mobile phones, and what tellers would do, consumers can now do for themselves at the push of a button.

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Disclaimer: Do not act based on anything you might read in this article. It is purely for information purposes only.


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