The Uwezo Fund is a youth and women’s fund which has its genesis in the pledge His Excellency the President made to allocate the Kshs. 6 billion that was meant for the presidential run-off to youth and women groups. Its objectives are:

  1. To expand access to finance through grants and credit to promote youth and women businesses and enterprises at the constituency level, thereby enhancing economic growth towards the realization of the goals of Vision 2030;
  2. To generate gainful self-employment for Kenyan youth and women;
  3. To model an alternative framework in funding community driven development.

 The Uwezo Fund which provides youth and women access to grants and interest-free loans, as well as mentorship opportunities to enable them take advantage of the 30% government procurement preference for youth, women and persons with disabilities through its Capacity Building Programme. 
The principles of Uwezo Fund are:

  1. Representation:  to ensure the inclusion of all Kenyans including women, youth, persons with disabilities, elected parliamentary representatives and respective government officials.
  2. Accountability: to ensure government is held responsible to the citizenry for its decisions and actions.
  3. Accessibility: guaranteeing accessibility at the lowest level of engagement and for the largest category of recipients using a simple, structured and least cost approach.
  4. Economy: use of the best but least cost mechanism to achieve the desired objective.

  1. Sign up for Capacity Building Programme once launched
  2. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria
  3. Fill an application form (this form will be available at the Constituency Uwezo Fund Management Committee office and on the Uwezo Fund website)
  4. Submit the application form together with relevant documents to the Uwezo Fund Management Committee within your constituency
  5. Await notification of the Uwezo Fund Management committee


As youth, woman and person with disability you are required to do the following to enable you access to these opportunities and to compete for procurement opportunities within a category:
  1. Form a group and register an enterprise with the Registrar of Companies’ Offices in Nairobi or anywhere else wherever they are located. You may do so as a sole trader, partnership, limited company, association, etc.
  2. Get clearance from the Youth Enterprise Fund if you are youth; Women Gender Directorate if a woman; and, certification from National Council for Persons with Disability if you are a person with disability.
  3. Register the enterprise with the National Treasury in Nairobi or any County Treasury office. PPOA shall publish the names of all registered groups in the PPOA website (www.ppoa.go.ke).
  4. Visit any public entity of the National or County Governments anywhere in the country to seek for procurement opportunities. Public entities may advertise procurement opportunities in their respective websites, notice boards or local dailies which may also be published in the PPOA website (www.tenders.go.ke).
  5. Contact PPOA for any clarifications on matters that arise out of your interactions with the public entities on this issue.
  6. You are not required to submit a Tender Security in order to participate in the procurement process but you shall sign a Tender Security Declaration Form provided for in the tender documents which will bind you to perform the service once awarded the contract(s). Failure to adhere to the terms of the Form shall make you liable to Debarment pursuant to Section 115 of the Public procurement and Disposal Act, 2005.
  7. PPOA shall publish the list of the disadvantaged groups who have been registered for easy access by public entities.
  8. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the procurement proceeding, you may lodge your complaint to the Director General (PPOA) or file a review with the Secretary Public Procurement Administrative Review Board within 10 calendar days after notification of award of contract.
  9. You shall benefit from this preference and reservation scheme for a period of five years renewable once only.




Kenyan Citizen (Residing in or outside  Kenya ) -  

National Identity Card

Non Kenya Citizen (Residing in Kenya)

Work permit or investors permit AND Alien registration number.

Non Kenya Citizen (Residing outside Kenya)

Original Passport, Pin number of a Kenyan director or agent. Applicant must be available to undergo a background check.

Diplomat (Residing in Kenya)

Diplomatic card number and  Passport

Limited Company

Limited Company or Partnership (Resident in Kenya)

Certificate of registration  and Personal identification numbers(PIN)  of at least two directors or partners

Limited Company or Partnership (Resident outside Kenya)

Certificate of compliance Number 
and Personal identification numbers (PIN) of at least two directors or partners

Non-Government Organization

Non-government Organization, etc.

Certificate of registration


The registrar General is the registrar for companies, Business Names and Chattels. These services are carried under the Companies Act (Cap 486 Laws of Kenya), Registration of Business Names Act (Cap499 Laws of Kenya) and the Chattels Transfer Act (Cap 28 Laws of Kenya)





Name Search

  • Form A Completed application form for reservation of Name/s or
  • Letter requesting for reservation of name/s

Kshs 10/- for purchase of the form and Kshs 100/- per name
Kshs 100/- per name

3 days

3 days

Registration of Limited Companies (Limited by shares)

  • Approved name
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (Stamped at the Lands office and presented by an advocate)
  • Statement of Nominal Capital ( Stamped at the Lands office)
  • Evidence of payment of stamp duty.
  • Form (201) Notice of address and situation of registered office of the company
  • ( form 203) Particulars of directors and secretaries duly filled and signed by an Advocate

Kshs 2,800/- mimimum
Kshs 62,000/-maximum depending on the nominal share capital

5 days

Registration of Business Names (Excludes security related business)

  • Approved name
  • (BN2 Business Registration Form duly completed

Kshs 800/-

10 days

Registration of charges and debentures

  • (Form 214) Notice of creation of a Charge/debenture documents at Lands office
  • Up to date Annual Returns by the company creating the Charge/Debenture

Kshs 600/-

6 days

Registration of Chattles

  • Duly stamped (at Lands office) Chattels transfer documents
  • Evidence of payment of stamp duty

Kshs 50/-

30 days

Request for list of Directors (CR 12) by the Company of Directors

Request for list of Directors by third parties

  • Application letter
  • Up to date Annual Returns
  • Application letter

Kshs 600/-

Kshs 600/-

5 days

5 days

Filing of annual returns

  • (Form No. 1) Annual Return Forms duly completed and signed by a Certified Company Secretary

Kshs 400/- if filed within 28 days after the Annual General Meeting
Kshs 2,600 maximum penalty per year of delay

1 day

Change of Name of a Limited Company

  • Form A Completed application form for reservation of name/s or
  • Letter requesting for reservation of name/s
  • Special Resolution accompanied by approved name
  • Updated Annual returns

Kshs 10/- for purchase of the form and Kshs 100/- per name
Kshs 100/- per name

Kshs 1,100/-

3 days

3 days

4 days

Change of Business Name

  • Approved name
  • (BN4) Notice of Change Form

Kshs 800/-

10 days

Removal or addition of a partner in a Business Name

  • (BN4) Notice of change form singed by the outgoing and incoming partners before the authorized officer

Kshs 800/-

10 days


Message from the President

The Uwezo Fund is an outcome of Kenya’s transformation, following the March 4th 2013 general election. As the Jubilee Coalition flag bearer, I outlined our intention to utilize the planned Kshs. 6 billion presidential election re-run budget to bolster support for the women and youth upon securing a first round win. Responding to this call, the Kenyan people demonstrated an outstanding resolve, and ushered in the Jubilee Government under the new Constitution of Kenya.

By its very name, Uwezo, the Fund is a tool of empowerment. Its underlying philosophy is an affirmation of hope and faith in our people. A call to the women and youth of our country to believe in their own capabilities and a demonstration that my Government is ready, willing and able to offer pragmatic support towards this end.

The women and youth of this country will be the cornerstone of our country’s economic development and I am personally inspired by the objective that the Uwezo Fund seeks to achieve. As the National Champion of the Uwezo Fund, I will ensure commitment to the fund at the highest level of government. Further, I will establish an annual award scheme for successful businesses of Uwezo Fund recipients and therefore encourage all our women and youth to stand up and be counted.


Message from H.E. the Deputy President.

Unemployment among youth and women remains the single largest challenge that we face as a country. It is a challenge that must be addressed if the country is to meet the goals of Vision 2030. The fact that unemployment breeds discontent and subsequently has the potential to become a security risk means efforts to promote sustainable livelihoods through employment creation, skills enhancement and entrepreneurship development, particularly among the youth and women must be the Jubilee government’s priority.

The Jubilee administration recognises that the informal sector accounts for over 75 percent of total employment in Kenya and therefore has enormous potential to substantially address unemployment. By making credit accessible to them through Uwezo Fund the government seeks to place women and youth at the centre of job creation in Kenya at the constituency level. We believe that the Uwezo Fund will play a significant role in promoting women and youth led enterprises thereby generating gainful self employment in the short to medium term.


Message from the Cabinet Secretary

The Ministry of Devolution and Planning as the ministry responsible for youth and gender, is proud to be associated with the Uwezo Fund as a tool for empowering this target segment of the population. The Uwezo Fund adopts the hybrid concept of table banking and revolving funds, designed to ensure that women and youth groups are able to employ availed resources for credit, while similarly promoting and sustaining a savings culture. By providing the seed credit and grant to table banking groups, the Uwezo Fund ensures that regular group contributions receive a boost, especially when one considers the amount of time it takes for groups to accumulate the requisite capital for onward lending to members. These efforts, coupled with a robust capacity building and mentorship framework will propel the expected impacts into perpetuity and spur a culture of saving.

Thereafter, we expect to see women and youth groups taking advantage of the public procurement preferences and reservations, and sustain proactive engagement in securing the 30% government contracts for goods and services reserved for these and other eligible enterprises. I therefore encourage women and youth groups to actively take up this opportunity, and exploit it to its full capacity.



Application form : Download the pdf